Starting July 1, 2014 the Canada Anti-Spam Legislation is in effect. This new law requires that any business that sends Commercial Electronic Messages (CEMs) must have expressed or implied permission from the recipient. In accordance with this change Kinnear Financial Limited, Caledonian Royalty Corporation, CRC Royalty Corporation and Caledonian Global Limited is requesting that you update your preferences here so that we may still contact you in the future.

Please select one of the two options below so that we may know whether or not you wish to receive further information on potential events and investment opportunities relating to Kinnear Financial Ltd, Caledonian Royalty Corporation and Caledonian Global Corporation.

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Note to Investors and Business Partners!
If you are currently an investor or a business partner with Kinnear Financial Ltd, Caledonian Royalty Corporation and/or Caledonian Global Corporation you will continue to receive information relating directly to your investment without interruption and regardless of which option you have selected.

To read more about the CRTC's new Anti-Spam Law, Click Here.